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Administrative Management of a U.S. Airline

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This 12 page paper discusses what administrative management is, and how it can be used to manage a major air carrier; in this case, Southwest Airlines. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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used to manage a major air carrier; in this case, Southwest Airlines. The Principles of Administrative Management Management goes all the way back to 3000 BC and the ancient civilizations, but it didnt really become a discipline until large organizations such as corporations came into being (The evolution of management). Some of the early pioneers in management theory include Robert Owen, Charles Babbage and Andrew Ure; Owen was "one of the first managers to show respect and dignity to workers in his factory. He implemented better working conditions, raised the minimum age for child labor, reduced hours, and supplied meals" (The evolution of management). Babbage approached management via mathematics, using mathematical principles "to find ways to make the most efficient use of facilities and materials. He also advocated profit-sharing plans": Ure was an early professor of management theory (The evolution of management). The "classical perspective" of management theory "focuses on ways to improve the performance of individual workers" (The evolution of management). One of the most famous of all pioneers in the field was Frederick W. Taylor, who "saw workers soldiering or deliberately working beneath their potential and designed a 4-step method to overcome this problem" (The evolution of management). It was Taylor who modernized production by "breaking the job into its smallest pieces" and selecting the most qualified employees for the job and training them to do it (The evolution of management). Supervisors monitor the employees "to be sure they are following the methods prescribed"; the work continues in this way, but managers "only use employees who are getting the work done" (The evolution of management). Frederick Taylors methods have come under fire in recent years because they tend to "dehumanize" the worker and turn him into a drone, but his work should be recognized as representing a ...

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