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This 3 page paper is a review of the book by Ingrid Betancourt, a Colombian woman who was running for the presidency of the country but was captured by a guerilla organization and held captive for six and one half years. Not additional sources are listed.

A 7 page paper discussing the conditions leading to the currency crises of Argentina in 2002 and Brazil in 1999. Political instability in Argentina and a decade of hyperinflation in Brazil in large part led to government-led money-grabs in each country; Argentina even nationalized personal bank accounts in 2001. A leading fault of ...

This 3 page paper reviews the article on slavery in Brazil in the 1870s by Sandra Lauderdale Graham. Bibliography lists 1 source.

A 5 page paper discussing the weather phenomenon known as 'El Nino.' The paper outlines what causes it to happen and its far-reaching impact. Bibliography lists six sources.

El Nino

  • 5 page paper

In 5 pages the author discusses the scientific topic of the weather phenomenon known as El Nino as discussed in 5 articles dated in 1998, with a comparison made of the views. 'Weather anomaly has its darker side. The weather phenomenon of El Nino has caused much concern all over the world. Predictions ...

Argentina's Democracy

  • 10 page paper

A 10 page paper that considers the elements that have led to Argentina's pursuit of democracy and focuses on recent political situtions in that country. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

This 5 page report discusses the coup that occurred in Chile in the autumn of 1973. Victor Jara was a popular singer who was tortured and murdered along with thousands of other innocents. This paper gives an overview of the events leading to his death and the death of thousands of other artists, ...

This 3 page paper considers the events surrounding the arrest of ex-Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet and the request by the Spanish government for extradition as it can be explained through the application of particular paradigms, including formal legalism and dependency theory. No bibliography.

A 6 page overview of the history leading up to the 1996 arrest and attempt to prosecute Pinochet, Chile's ex president. Discusses the progress that Chile has made since the departure of Pinochet and the fact that most Chilean's appear to resent the ongoing investigations into Pinochet's actions preferring to concentrate on Chile's future, ...

Chile Vs. Argentina

  • 3 page paper

A 3 page general overview and sociopolitical examination of the severity of territorial disputes in Latin America between Chile and Argentina. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

An 8 page examination of the political history of Chile and Argentinia with an overview of how political status correlated with economic status. Bibliography includes three sources.

7 page review of Jacobo Timerman's Chile: "Death in the South," a sociopolitical book about the reign of Augusto Pinochet Ugarte (dictator from Chile). Bibliography lists one additional source to support writer's assertions.

A 4 page paper discussing the effects of US involvement in the internal politics of Colombia. Colombia receives more US aid than any other country in the hemisphere, even though the Colombian government carries the worst human rights record in the Americas. Most of the aid is designated for anti-drug activity, but too ...

A 5 page research paper on the country of Colombia which gives brief details on its history, geography, exports, government and economy. The writer demonstrates how Colombia's history plays a part in its current problems and discusses the impact that the current guerrilla insurgency will have on the Colombian economy. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

This 8 page paper briefly examines the unique world of Ecuador. From its earliest recorded era, through Spanish colonialism, and into the present day, Ecuador remains a unique and fascinating country. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

A comprehensive, 10 page discussion of Stroessner's rise to power and the political factors surrounding his ability to do so. Tactics used to maintain his office and remain leader of this Latin American country are of particular importance to the discussion. Bibliography lists 6 sources.


  • 5 page paper

A 5 page overview of the Uruguay situation, which includes a look at demographics and how those are affecting not only the current economic situation, but the decisions surrounding the situation. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Peru / A Country Study

  • 10 page paper

A 10 page research paper exploring the history, government, economy, education, health, and nutritional status of Peru. Great improvements have been made in the country since 1990, however, due to the fact that nearly half the population live in poverty Peru is a long way from being a nation with equal access to its benefits. ...

A 10 page research paper discussing the history, culture, anthropology, and social evolution of three groups of Native Indians : The Yanomamo (regarded as one of the most violent societies on Earth !), the Zapotecs (known for architecture & urban development), and the Yucatecs (relevant to Mayans) Bibliography lists 7 sources.

A 3 page paper that discusses the impacts and reasons behind US imperialism in South America after the end of World War II. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

A 9 page research paper that examines the relationship between these two counties. The writer argues that the history of Nicaragua and that of the United States has long been intertwined. The U.S. has felt that an interest in Nicaragua was crucial to its national interest and security since the middle of the nineteenth century. ...

In this well-written 30 page paper, the writer examines Columbian 20th century political history and the import role that the drug trade has played in it. The writer posits that although Colombia's economy seemingly improved and is "the best performing in Latin America," it is still drug-dependent and that dependency seems largely intermingled with the ...

5 pages in length. Brazil has had an interesting and varied government throughout the years, going from military rule to a subsequent transition to civilian rule. South America's largest nation, Brazil has always speculated on what the future holds. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

A 7 page research paper that examines how two books—"A Lexicon of Terror" and "Love and Shadows" by M. Feitlowitz and I. Allende and also a film Missing address the civil and human rights violations that have taken place in South America under dictatorial regimes. Bibliography lists three sources.

This 6 page report discusses the vision created of the nations of South America by best-selling novelist Isabel Allende in Of Love and Shadows, investigative writer Marguerite Feitlowitz in Lexicon of Terror, and movie director/writer Costa-Gavras in the 1982 movie Missing establishes the vision of a world of frightening, yet often lyrical, contrasts. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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