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A 5 page paper which presents the pros and cons for the ban set against international family planning funds. The paper argues primarily against the ban. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

A 5 page paper which discusses presidential pardons and which ones should, or should not, be allowed. The paper also discusses recent controversies concerning presidential pardons. Bibliography lists 4 sources.


  • 10 page paper

10 pages in length.

Undocumented Workers

  • 5 page paper

A 5 page paper which discusses the impact of undocumented workers in the United States. The paper presents the arguments of those who believe undocumented workers are parasites, and those who feel they are a significant part of our country's economy. The paper also argues that the undocumented workers are far more valuable to the country than they are ...

This 5 page paper consider how the federal and state agencies dealt with situation at Wacko. The paper looks at the different attitudes and considers the mistakes that were made and lead to over 80 deaths. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

This 5 page paper examines presidential politics and how it impacted the turmoil of the 1960s. The cause and effect relationship is examined and several issues are discussed inclusive of foreign policy and civil rights issues. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

A 7 page essay that offers a chapter by chapter summary of Alonzo Hamby's Liberalism and Its Challengers, from FDR to Bush. The writer then offers a critical evaluation of the text. No additional sources cited.

6 pages in length. Once the Constitution had been finalized in September by the Constitutional Convention in 1787, it had to be ratified by specially elected conventions in each of the states. In some cases there occurred much debate and close votes for ratification, but eventually all thirteen of the original states opted ...

A 5-page paper on the second two-party political system in America, the Democrats versus the Whigs. Notes important differences from the first system, the Democratic-Republicans versus the Federalists, and how the modern two-party political system was formed in America. Lists 1 source.

This 5 page paper provides an overview of what a typical week in the life of a U.S. President is like. Some of President Bush's activities in 2001 are discussed. Several other contemporary presidents are referenced inclusive of Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

A 21 page research paper that examines the stance that Duke professor Stanley Fish takes on the principles behind the First Amendment and freedom of speech. The writer first examines Fish's position and then offers a criticism of that position as espoused in two of Fish's books, The Trouble with Principle and There's No Such ...

14th Amendment

  • 5 page paper

A 5 page research paper that explores the Fourteenth Amendment, its purpose and how Supreme Court decisions subsequently affected its implementation. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

This 5 page paper supports the notion that re-election is the sole factor to motivates members of Congress when making public policy. Several examples are noted. Federalist 10 is discussed. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

5 pages in length. Within this paper will be identitified two programs instituted through the Department of Labor as well as their general intended purposes, which employers or employees are covered by this status, the status' basic provisions and the requirements, how to obtain information and assistance from the Department of Labor, any possibilities for non-compliance and relation to state, ...

6 pages. This paper compares and contrasts the two groups known as the Chicago Eight and the Hollywood Ten. A comparison will be made on the individuals within the groups as well as what each group stood for. Their critiques of consensus, their strategies of dissent as well as experiences of repression will be discussed and compared. ...

America Under Attack

  • 5 page paper

5 pages. On September 11, 2001, America was attacked by terrorists, resulting in the loss of thousands of lives and untold millions of dollars in devastation. Hardest hit were New York City and Washington D.C. Who were the terrorists who perpetrated such an attack on the United States, and what were their reasons for doing so? ...

A 5 page paper that explores the differences between a Republic and Democracy. Examples are offered that suggest some changes in America if the nation was ruled by a pure form of either of these types of governments. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

A 9.5 page paper which the pro and con arguments, considers the strategies of each side, discusses the leaders who are managing the bill on both sides, and how they have been persuaded to support or oppose legislation. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

7 pages. The Farmers felt it was essential to establish their government with a written constitution so that they would never again be under tyrannical rule such as that from which they had escaped. There are both strengths and weaknesses inherent in the Constitution of the United States and this paper will give ...

5 pages. The majorities in Congress are tenuous. Some political observers believe this environment of relative equality creates a unique opportunity for bipartisanship, while others feel that Congress remains gridlocked because of partisan fighting and incentives meant to posture rather than cooperate. An example of this is how the Democrats may not ...

Threat To Democracy

  • 5 page paper

A 5 page paper. The attack on America on September 11, 2001 was not just an attack against this nation; it was an attack against democracy. The thesis is that these events constitute the greatest threat to democracy since World War II. The writer discusses the reasons for this premise. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

This 8 page paper considers this book that looks at the passing of the 1990 Clean Air Act. The paper considers what we may expect, and what we find, is the reality of the passage of the bill. Factors discussed included increased partisanship, the role of knowledge, the use of closed doors and the influence ...

A 5 page discussion of two editorials from 1998, one calling for the impeachment of President William Clinton and one opposing this procedure. The writer discusses which of the two editorials presents the better case. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

A twelve page paper which looks at the domestic and foreign policy issues surrounding the change in the monetary exchange standard in the 1960s, the part played by the IMF and the G-10 countries, and the possible rationale behind some of the policy decisions made by Lyndon Johnson at the time. Bibliography lists 7 sources

This 5 page paper critically reviews the book by David M. O'Brien entitled "Storm Center: The Supreme Court in American Politics." The work is evaluated primarily for content. No additional sources cited.

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