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A well-conceived 4 page essay on the role of Romeo & Juliet's parents. The writer argues convincingly that their parent's hatred for each other's families actually strengthened the young couple's love and ultimately drove them to their death. The more intense their secret affair grew, the stronger their love grew with it. Suicide was finally ...

An 8 page paper describing the way Shakespeare's use of imagery supports the tragic elements in the story and in fact makes the ending easier to accept because the audience (reader) perceives it as inevitable. Bibliography lists 6 additional critical sources --cited.

A 5 page paper analyzing the character of the Nurse in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. It shows how she reveals their tragedies through both her offhand but oddly prophetic remarks and her earthy pragmatism.

A 6 page paper discussing Shakespeare's story of 'Romeo and Juliet' and comparing it with stories of teen suicide and family alienation in the modern world. The overall thesis of the paper is that although Romeo and Juliet were teenagers at death, there is very little resemblance to the teen suicides brought on my ...

A 5 page essay which examines whether this great love story reflected true love or the intense sexual attraction which is so often mistaken for love in Western culture. The writer demonstrates that Shakespeare intended for the audience to perceive that this consuming passion was the result of the extreme youth of the protagonists and ...

A 6 page essay on the artistic means by which Shakespeare brings about harmony—or resolution of the message—in the play. The writer compares and contrasts Act II:1 and Act V:3 with the other scenes to show how harmony is brought about through symbolism, characterization and theme. Bibliography lists 1 source.

A 5 page paper on this romantic tragedy by William Shakespeare. The paper analyzes how Shakespeare's metaphoric usage of light and dark in this play contributes to our understanding of the characterization of the star-crossed lovers. No additional sources cited.

3 pages. Issues concerning Petrachan love are explored through the language and structure of "The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare. Romeo assumed the posture of that great Italian author of sonnets, Petrarch, and became a courtly lover to Juliet. No additional sources cited.

This insightful and analytical 8 page paper compares the deaths of two of Shakespearean characters : Juliet (Romeo & Juliet) and Cleopatra (Antony & Cleopatra). The thesis is argued that while their two stories did indeed have many similarities, Juliet's death was a much more effective one from a literary standpoint as Cleopatra's death ...

A 5 page critique of Baz Luhrmann's remake of Shakespeare's classic love story. Discusses the impact of bringing Romeo and Juliet into the [almost] 21st century and how it changes the characters, as well as the art Luhrmann brings to the movie within it's time journey. Analyzes the applicability of the theme to young people ...

A 5 page paper comparing of William Shakespeare's original play Romeo and Juliet with the 1996 version directed and produced by Baz Luhrmann. This paper compares the film and the play to determine whether the film reflects an updated version of Shakespeare's original theme, or something else altogether. It concludes that Baz Luhrmann's world view ...

This 5 page paper considers the genre of romantic tragedy, looking closely at the 1996 film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. This paper considers how the new version of this classic relates to the genre, and evaluates the iconography of the genre, the deviation in the film, and how the film fits into ...

A 5 page paper looking at Mercutio’s speech on fairies and dreams in William Shakespeare’s play. The paper argues that the speech, which begins as a sweet little fantasy, seems to tumble out of control into violence much like the love motif of the play. No additional sources.

This 10 page paper compares and contrasts Romeo and Juliet with Titus Andronicus. The works are discussed in terms of plot, characterization and setting. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

A five page paper on the characterization of the priest in William Shakespeare's classic play. The paper argues that although Fr. Lawrence is often considered to be a well-meaning character, he is in fact a man without moral courage. Bibliography lists four sources.

A 5 page paper which examines how William Shakespeare employed the popular Elizabethan literary style of couplets and quatrains in his tragic play, "Romeo and Juliet." Bibliography lists 4 sources.

This 5 page paper discusses the central theme of fate within Shakespeare's play of Romeo and Juliet. This central theme flows throughout the play, but is most apparent through dialogue. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

An 8 page paper which examines how William Shakespeare expresses the themes of love and death in the characters of his play, "Romeo and Juliet," and in his "Sonnet 130," considering how they are represented both literally and figuratively. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

This 5 page paper looks at the Montagues and Capulets to determine how much emphasis on social class was placed in the original Shakespeare work. West Side Story and Shakespeare in Love is compared and contrasted to Romeo and Juliet. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

8 pages in length. The writer discusses how the thematic significance of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" represents the concept of death in life. Indeed, it sounds illogical to describe death as being part of life but for the characters in Shakespeare's tragedy; it perfectly describes their myopic existence for one another as they ...

9 pages in length. The characters of Shakespeare's tragedy address the sadder side of reality, a side where aberration serves as the underlying conflict. Inasmuch as Romeo and Juliet's true love ultimately lures them into a premature death, one may readily argue that they completely lost sight of the one thing to which ...

A 5 page research paper that examines the role of violence and aggression in Shakespeare's classic tragedy. The writer argues that Shakespeare argues against the male machismo that is so intrinsic to the plot structure. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

An 11 page paper which compares and contrasts two of William Shakespeare's most tragic heroines, Desdemona in "Othello" and Juliet in "Romeo and Juliet," and specifically considers the way each comes to grief by different means. Bibliography lists 1 source.

This 7 page paper explores the concept of romantic love primarily through the eyes of William Shakespeare. 'Romeo and Juliet' and 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' are discussed in respect to the concept. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

This 5 page paper consider Romeo from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. The paper argue that the tragedy can be seen as a result of a fatal flaw in the personality of Romeo, that flaw was his youth and the hormones that control emotion in youth. The bibliography cites 3 sources.

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