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Morbidity of Death in Shakespeare

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This 7 page paper discusses the way Shakespeare handles death in "Romeo and Juliet," "Macbeth" and "Hamlet." Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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the morbidity of death reflects the disease process that he introduces into his works, and that the deaths in Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth are appropriate to the workings of the diseases in the plays. Discussion Before we begin discussing the plays, we need to define "morbidity," which is not usually associated with Shakespeare, or used in this context. Morbidity can be defined as the state of being diseased, and in this context, death is the extreme negative outcome of the disease process. Well begin with Romeo and Juliet, the quintessential play about young love and doomed lovers. Here, love itself can be seen as a disease, something that infects both Romeo and Juliet until they are willing to destroy themselves because of it. This interpretation is heightened by the observations of Marilyn Williamson, who suggests that Romeo is suicidal and may be more in love with death than he is with Juliet (Williamson). Of course, we have to remember that Romeo and Juliet are teenagers, and that at that age, everything is dramatic, heartfelt, and disastrous. A missed appointment is cause for enormous concern, a broken date is the end of the world, and a lost love is a cause for suicide. Because young people this age have no real concept of death, it becomes hugely romantic, and greatly desired. Most people assume that "Romeos suicide is motivated entirely by his unwillingness to live without Juliet. Yet the play reveals that [Romeo] ... seems more faithful to his commitment to death than he is to any living woman-Rosaline or Juliet" (Williamson 129). As he moves through the play, and goes from infatuation to passionate love, he still makes "two constant assumptions about his life. One is that his destiny is beyond his control ... the other ...

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