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"What Dreams May Come": Mythical Component

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6 pages in length. The writer discusses the mythical element of the movie "What Dreams May Come," as well as associates such with Freud and ancient mythology. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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the characters and the overall theme of What Dreams May Come. The notion of Heaven versus Hell plays an integral role in the movies mythical dream sequences, inasmuch as the lead character, played by Robin Williams, is in search of his wife within the backdrop of what he perceives to be the afterlife. Indeed, Freuds dream of convenience is wholly present within the film, utilized to its fullest extent by each one of the characters who, upon their death, travel through time and space to what they perceive to be Heaven. Those who have lost the faith, however, are manipulated into visualizing the afterlife as a dark, squalid place where hopelessness becomes eternal. One of the most mythical components of the move can readily be applied to the scenes where Williams looks upon the oil painted canvas that portrays his ideal image of Heaven to find that sometimes its transparency allows him to walk right through and into his Utopian dream, while other times it is merely a messy splattering of paint on an unyielding composition. This image of his ideal afterlife is available to him only when his heart is filled with truth and love; when he falls into the depths of despair, the painting only serves to beckon him with a false sense of peace. Applying the mythical elements contained in the movie speaks of the pure, unmitigated pleasure that is rediscovered after ones death. Williams is as much a prisoner of the mortal world as anyone else is; however, he is fortunate enough to effectively transcend the boundaries of love and sexuality as prescribed by society. Only after he enters his version of Heaven does he realize ...

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