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The Significance of Studying Military History

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This 6 page paper examines military history and its importance. The paper supports the theory that soldiers, and particular officers, need this knowledge for a variety of reasons. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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that through understanding military histories, soldiers and officers will develop bonds with soldiers of the past, as well as pride in their own units. This is an idea that makes sense. It is through a comprehension of past deeds that professionals are able to make sense of present strategies. A student further notes that through studying military history, professionals will comprehend how the armed forces in the United States had developed into the force of today, which will allow them to see benefits for the force in the future. Finally, it is noted by the student that military history helps leaders make better tactical decisions. This last point is obvious but is also critical. People learn, in any discipline, by past successes and mistakes. It is only through history that military forces have learned what to do and what not to do. History perhaps should be combined with theory, but it is only through a look at what is tried and true that will provide the confidence and knowledge to see military actions through. The idea that military professionals should take time out to study military history is quite obvious. If they are educated, they should be educated in their own field in addition to perhaps studying liberal arts. Studies vary from nation to nation, but it seems as if training in the military does often include at least some history. For example, in Britain, it is noted that an officer in the United Kingdom, in the course of sixteen months time would receive a number of things inclusive of "one term of military history, tactics, equitation1." Other countries also do see history, particularly as it respects military operations, as fundamental to officer training. Soldiers and officers alike will receive immense benefits from comprehending military history. It will allow ...

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