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“The Private History of a Campaign That Failed”

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A 4 page analysis of Mark Twain’s memorable short story. This paper laments the lack of leadership that could have turned Twain’s group into an effective military unit. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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History of a Campaign That Failed" is a memorable short story about Twains experiences during the opening chapter of the Civil War. Characteristic with Twains literary style, the tale is amusing yet also full of deep societal meaning. Twain provides an insight into the tendency towards individuality that characterizes human nature. The rag-tag band of supposed Confederate soldiers that he and his friends form is anything but characteristic of military order that comes with trained soldiers who serve under a hierarchal structure of command. Twains tale supports the thesis, in fact, that military structure and order is just the opposite of the natural behavior of most human beings. Stoessinger (2004) points out that without the direction of strong leaders people would not go to war. Inside most of us, after all, is a being that is not always decided on exactly what we believe and to what lengths we are willing to go in the name of those beliefs. Both our beliefs and our actions can vary significantly in accordance with the circumstances at hand. Twain reminds us of these inherent human characteristics when he opens "The Private History of a Campaign That Failed" with a recounting of his interactions with another young man that was about the same age that he was. When the news of South Carolinas succession from the Union reached these two individuals they each reacted in somewhat different ways. Twain, of course, was by birth a Southerner. His young pilot mate claimed a birth place of New York. Both were patriotic Americans and they both initially reacted with resentment that any state would do anything to weaken the USA. ...

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