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This 6 page paper discuses papal primacy, papal power and the papal monarchy. Several issues and events are included, such as: the two phases of early Christianity, the spread of Christianity and the need for structure and unity, the Church's clerical hierarchy, the origins of papal primacy, how the papal monarchy was established, the investiture conflict, the founding of the Cluny monastery, which strictly adhered to the Benedictine Rule and the schism between the Eastern and Roman churches. Charlemagne's influence as well as the influence of specific popes are discussed. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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were the people who received instruction directly from Jesus and/or His disciples and then, beginning in the second century when believers saw a need to organize themselves (Pucciarelli, 2002). It was during this latter time that believers tried to establish a canon of scripture and also to construct a lineage back to the first Christians (Pucciarelli, 2002). In this way, the growing communities of Christians established a hierarchical order as a way of governing themselves (Pucciarelli, 2002). Those in the congregation in Rome traced their lineage back to the Apostle Peter in the third century (Pucciarelli, 2002). It should also be noted that the hierarchy began after Christs death when communities looked to the Apostles to make important decisions (Pucciarelli, 2002). Deference was given to these men due to their Jerusalem to obtain their blessing on his missions to other parts of the world (Pucciarelli, 2002). When Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 A.D., Christians lost their center and had to look elsewhere (Pucciarelli, 2002). It was in Pauls letter to Corinthians that Peters activities are mentioned but still, the people were looking for a leader and a center for their group (Pucciarelli, 2002). Peters primacy over the Apostles and the believers had long been established and this set the stage for papal primacy over the church. Peter was considered to be the Bishop of Rome (Pucciarelli, 2002). It was under Callistus I in the early third century that the papal monarchy began to emerge (Pucciarelli, 2002). Callistus I did a number of things, such as reducing the number of mortal sins that would bar an applicant to join the congregation and he also asserted that he had the complete right to absolve the person from those sins (Pucciarelli, 2002). He accomplished this by appealing to the cathedra ...

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