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The Life and Times of Julius Caesar

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This 15 page paper provides an overview of this leader's life, including specific facts and dates. Caesar's life is examined from a contemporary perspective as well as how the people of the day might have viewed him. His relationship with Cleopatra is explored and reasons why Brutus may have killed him is also discussed. Specific information on Caesar's burial as well as what happened to Rome after his death is also included in this extensive biography. Bibliography lists 14 sources.

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Caesar (Sicherman 03T). Who else? Of course, there were other Caesars that it could have been such as Augustus Caesar, Juliuss nephew, or Caesar Romero (03T). Some even thought it might have had to do with the pizza chain Little Caesars (03T). Of course, most people know that the Caesar salad came before the pizza chain went into business. However, although the great Julius Caesar is probably the best known for that name, the true inventor of the salad was a Tijuana restaurateur named Caesar Cardini who came up with the concept in 1924 (03T). Julius, on the other hand, was born a bit over two millenniums ago. However, the latter Caesar was infamous. In fact, they just called him Caesar. His family name was in fact Julius Caesar and later he took it as his imperial title ("Caesar" PG). His grand-nephew and adopted son Octavius would become Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus and the future emperor Augustus (PG) . From the time this infamous Caesar ruled, Caesar became the family name of all the reigning emperor and his heirs (PG). When Nero, the last of the Julio-Claudian line had passed on all his successors from Galba and later were called Caesar and so what had just been a family name, became an important title (PG). Who was this Caesar everyone is enamored with? II. The Life and Times of Julius Caesar A story has been told about a brave young man of 22 who was captured by pirates that planned to hold him for ransom ("Julius Caesar: Imperator" PG). They suggested they would hold him for twenty talents of gold but he convinced them that he was worth much more than that and so the pirates agreed to raise the amount of the ...

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