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The Iranian Nuclear Program and U.S. Foreign Policy Response

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This 4 page paper considers what the U.S. policy might be if Iran becomes a nuclear power. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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terrorists and at the same time is pursuing a nuclear program is very distressing. This paper discusses what the U.S. response might be to an Iranian nuclear program. Discussion The first thing that should be noted is that the U.S. and Iran are in a "he said, she said" position about the issue of nuclear development. The U.S. has not ruled out military action against Iran if that nation "refuses to forgo its legal right to enrich uranium for its nuclear energy programme."1 Washington claims that Iran is making excuses and claiming that it is planning to use the uranium for energy when in fact it is making nuclear weapons.2 Iran flatly denies the charge, hence the "he said, she said" standoff. Its important to note that Iran has the legal right to enrich its uranium in order to make it more viable for use as an energy source; its also important to note that that is precisely what Iran claims it will use it for. It is the United States that is alleging Iran will use it to make weapons, and that is largely due to the troubled history between the two countries. Whats interesting is that the U.S. / Iranian relationship is one of long standing: " ... for three decades up to the Iranian revolution in 1979, the Europeans and Americans helped, in fact earnestly encouraged, Iran in the development of its nuclear programme."3 Its likely that even if the U.S. and Iran could find a way to resolve their dispute over the Iranian nuclear program, relations between the two countries would still remain difficult, something that is unlikely ever to change.4 It appears that in Washington, at least in the previous administration, "the name of the game is regime change in Iran, either through military means ...

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