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The Importance of Religion to Politics in India

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This 7 page paper addresses the significance of religion in India and why secularism is both desired but problematic. The caste system is discussed. The problem is looked at sociologically through the eyes of theorists like Durkheim and Marx. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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not limited to the idea that the caste system is more about politics than religion. Indeed, the caste system is the quintessential social stratification model, but one that is often met with disdain. Further, some even question the validity of the Hindu religion, suggesting that it is not valid and just a hodge podge of belief systems brought together for political purposes. This view does give rise to the notion that the meld of religion and politics is dangerous indeed, but secularism to India is a problem as well. In order to understand why this is the case, religion as embraced in India needs to be looked at as well as what the threat of secularism might bring. There are many in India who embrace religion wholeheartedly and see modernity as something to despise. Modernity, for anti-secularists, is something that has come from Europe, where religion is abandoned for the secular faith that exists in the nation-state (Prashad, 1998). Due to the problems that have come from modern history, scholars have asked people to look at modernity and find something that is above the modern as it respects things like religion, community and the lives of indigenous peoples (1998). With this, one may be critical of modern life (1008). Further, some thinkers look at Durkheims "social cement " and equate it with religion in India and nationalism in Europe (1998). Because religion is viewed as something worthwhile for the people of India, then anti-secularist scholars must provide a decisive role for it in respect to the creation of Indian society (1998). It does appear that to some extent, in any society, religion provides a sense of cohesion and culture. It imbeds morality in a world that otherwise might be completely hedonistic. The culture ...

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