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The Impact of Production Technology of the News

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This 3 page paper considers how technology has changed the way on which the news is presented and the inherent values placed in the news by those who produce it and the audience. The paper includes consideration of the increased speed of delivery, the role of the internet and the pressure of commercialism. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

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value placed in the news. There was once a time when the main source of news would be the newspaper. Here there was the ability to give a written report of what had happened. Sometimes the new may be weeks old, but as the primary source of information and was important. Today information flow is much faster and also deemed to have the potential to be more accurate, Whereas images where once those of still images in a paper the news can transmit live images as it happens across the world, as such accuracy and ethics are becoming more important,. Good examples of the use of technology were seen with the terrorist attack on the twin towers of the World Trade Centre on the 11th of September 2003, when news cameras when live to the first crash, and the second was seen as it happened across the globe. The coverage of the Iraq war was also one where technology played an important role, beaming picture across the globe and allowing communication to take place at a speed. One value that has appeared to become increasingly important is that of speed. News services such as Annanova (, are increasing important and increasing read due to the speed at which news articles are published. The BBC also publishes news though the day. This has changed the way newspapers are used, today the supplement rather than lead the news, provide commentary and detail and also give new items that do not make the broadcast media. This accounts for the drop in sales of newspapers. However the changes are not only in terms of the medium used, but the way the news is produced and received. Greater news flow increases audience knowledge and awareness and ...

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