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The Great Awakening of American Religion

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This 12-page-paper presents a discussion about the Great Awakening in America that took place during the 1730's and 1740's. Bibliography lists four sources.

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never discuss. Those subjects include religion, politics, and money. One of the reasons these are taboo subjects for general discussion is the fact that they can become very heated. Often times when one discusses these topics it has the potential to lead to an argument because the beliefs run very deep indeed. In America we have many different religious faiths and many different cultural beliefs. The discussion of religion in polite company is generally regarded as rude yet the argument of separating church and state is a seemingly open battle field for all who want to enter the war. Religion in America has a deeply ingrained history and foundation. The nation that we live in was formed and built because of the religious freedom our forefathers wanted for us. The Great Awakening in American regarding religion is an ever evolving product of our desire to worship in the various manners that we choose. We have moved beyond the basic belief that it is our right and have legislated the many different aspects of the issue. No matter how far we come in the expression of religion freedom we will always owe that freedom to the beginning of the Great Awakening which occurred in the 1730s and 1740s. It was during those few decades in which we emerged as a religiously based and religiously tolerant nation that would welcome all beliefs. We went through some growing pains during the period and of course there are still issues that we are dealing with but the Great Awakening set the tone for America as the most religiously free nation in the entire world. Because of the Great Awakening we have become the nation that people from around the world flock to in order ...

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