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The Ethical Dilemma of Health Care Rationing

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This 3 page paper takes a look at rationing as it occurs in the United States and abroad. The ethics of rationing, the problems of HMOs and other contemporary dilemmas are explored. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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primary care, medical resources should not be limited to those who have good medical insurance. There is always the problem of physicians prescribing more testing to those with insurance and ignoring the needs of others. In NBCs ER, Luca who returned from a trip to the Congo is appalled at the wasted use of equipment in the United States when by and large the resources could be used to help those who truly need care. Access to medical resources should not be limited to the well-insured. Still, there is much criticism in respect to denying people any kind of health care that is vialbe under their insurance plans. After all, every physician promises their patients the very best in treatment and diagnostic testing. But there is a case for rationing too (Holm, 2001). Over the past several years, things have changed. With people not able to afford health insurance, they find themselves in emergency rooms for simple ear infections or other matters that could be more cost effectively treated in a physicians office. This adds to the mounting health care costs for the entire sector. In fact, there have been a myriad of complaints about the profit-driven health care system where there is reduced access and denial of necessary services to patients in general (Lens, 2002). This situation causes increased morbidity and morality (2002). Also, some complaints have been generated due to managed care (2002). In fact, it seems that managed care is partly responsible for the status quo. Hardin (1985) provides an evaluation of the health care system and of how resources are not meted out properly. There is a great deal of literature on this topic. The author also points to the fact that overzealous attorneys and a system that allows medical professionals ...

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