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The Diversity of the Renaissance Period

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This 5 page paper considers the argument that the renaissance period should be subdivided into two separate periods due to the differences between the early and later time in this era. Evidence is used to argue this case including evidence from the arts and science as well as social history. The bibliography cites 3 sources.

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evidence and understanding of periods as they become closer to our own. One the well known periods in Europe is the renaissance, it is perceived at having a wide ranging effect on the arts and culture of society, however, it is stretched over a wide area and over a long period of time and as such we can argue that it is not really a single period in time, but a group of periods which evolved and developed to what we common consider as the Renaissance. When we consider the Renaissance the aspects that come to mind are the literary works by accomplished and well known authors such as William Shakespeare and the world he depicts in many of his works as well as artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo (renaissance_period.htm, 2000). The renaissance period in music is also recognised though composers such as Byrd and Dufray, although the renaissance period in music is slightly different from the other definitions of the renaissance (mushistory/ren.htm, 2000). It must be remember when we talk of dates that these are only guidelines as there was no sudden change and that as with all cultural evolutions one period grew and developed flowing into the next (mushistory/ren.htm, 2000). The term renaissance means rebirth and is often defined by the advances that were made in the arts and intellectual achievements. This includes classical mythology, philosophy, literature and other art forms such as paintings and sculpture. The renaissance started in Italy, and although the dates tend to vary it appear that a common figure for this change appear to be in the region of 1300 (mushistory/ren.htm, 2000). It is ...

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