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A 5 page analysis of “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” as told by Alex Haley. No additional sources cited.

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the years, but his voice always remained strong, instilling hope and determination in generations of African Americans. While also considered somewhat volatile and aggressive he was a man who served to stand as a hero for many who could not accept other approaches to civil rights and freedom. The following paper examines and analyzes various aspects of Malcolm Xs life as seen in "The Autobiography of Malcolm X" as told by Alex Haley. Social Values Malcolm Xs life began with social and racial struggle. His parents were, it seems, constantly struggling against white supremacists at the time, and as such his very early years were well immersed in knowing he was at odds with society due to his color and ethnicity. He also indicates, "I learned early that crying out in protest could accomplish things" (Malcolm X, 1987; 8). In light of this one can see his personal ideals and understanding of the world left little room for complacency or for ignorance in relationship to his race. In relationship to fitting in, or wanting to fit in, Malcolm seemed to have a relatively simple desire to fit in as a popular child. When he entered a new school, years after entering into the orphanage, he states, "As the nigger of my class, I was in fact extremely popular-I suppose partly because I was kind of a novelty. I was in demand. I was top priority" (Malcolm X, 1987; 29). In this one can see that, at least in some ways, he was simply enjoying being popular with white kids, while also understanding the position he was in as a black student. New Values and Personal Ambitions Malcolm X had dreams ...

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