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Terrorism: Furthering The Palestinian Cause

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10 pages in length. Analyzing the aspect of terrorism representing an integral component to furthering the Palestinian cause, the student will find that it is not only beneficial to the cause but also instrumental in the manner by which Palestinians approach the quest for power. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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the manner by which Palestinians approach the quest for power. The foremost fundamental aspect of war is that of force; if the element of force did not exist, there would be no motivation for battle. With this in mind, it is relatively easy to apply this concept to the notion of terrorism and the Palestinian cause, inasmuch as the ultimate goal of any terrorist is to obtain the desired commodity through drastic and often deadly means of force. By understanding this obvious correlation, the student can effectively argue that without the support of force on their side, terrorists would not have the ability to pursue their violent protests, which - for the most part - have historically been political. Part of the problem is that terrorist activity demands to be noticed, a fact that ultimately constitutes the need for force (Cooley PG). However, if the terrorist is not acknowledged, this may lead to the need for even greater force in order for the demands to be met. And the incessant cycle continues. "Making their appearance in the late 1960s, terrorist attacks have afflicted virtually each of the Western countries in an unfailing sequence...No country is immune, few are spared" (Netanyahu 7). II. FACTORS THAT FACILITATE PALESTINIAN TERRORISM Defining the relationships that exist between political power and international relations is a task that draws its conclusion upon a very fine line. Indeed, while both of these entities have something significant to do with one another, at the same time the significance is that they each possess their own particular arrangement within the wide and varied scheme of bureaucratic function. It can readily be argued that one needs the combination of power and government in ...

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