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A 9 page paper discussing best practices in technology use. The target industry is manufacturing; the paper also identified best practices in retail e-commerce, retail sales and the chemical industry. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

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changed virtually everything about businesses processes, and it has led business into a "time warp" in which everything moves faster now than in the past. Before the advent and widespread adoption of the Internet, some companies practiced various forms of electronic data exchange, but the process was slow, cumbersome and required that businesses that would communicate electronically use compatible programs and hardware systems. Such is no longer the case, however. The Internet and various private intranets provide a foundation on which data can be exchanged electronically on a common platform and in real time. The result is that business moves much more quickly and companies doing business with each other increasingly are interdependent. The manufacturer depends on its vendors to deliver its raw materials and components at the time they are needed, with shipments being triggered not by a purchase order but by the manufacturers supply of a specific item reaching an agreed-on threshold level. Technology used in this way has enabled businesses to operate with increasing levels of efficiency, while simultaneously offering their customers better and more timely customer service. Manufacturing is an industry that has been drastically affected over the past several years. Best Practices in Manufacturing One of the worst reasons to continue with any approach to accomplishing a task in todays technology-oriented business environment is "...because thats the way weve always done it." The concept of continuous improvement (Deming, 1986) as well as the need to take advantage of more efficient means of achieving the same ends requires that organizations constantly be aware of other approaches to operating their businesses. Supply Chain Management It has been said of ...

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