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This 3-page paper answers the question of whether the government system favors larger or smaller businesses. The answer is smaller businesses and the paper discusses why this is the case. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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the "backbone" of the United States economy. This is true, to an extent. In survey after survey, small businesses are lauded for creating the most jobs, for adding more fuel to the economy, and for keeping the U.S. competitive. However, when it comes to working with government, it is the larger businesses that seem to be getting all of the perks, while small businesses continue to drown in regulatory problems, among other things. Gajilan (2004), for example, tells the eloquent story of a small business owner who simply wanted a fair shot when it came to competing for a $600,000 Air Force contract. Instead, a larger business received that contract, much to the small business owners anger (as it takes time to put such bids together, time that smaller businesses dont necessarily have, because of fewer resources than their larger counterparts) (Gajilan, 2004). Though federal contracting is supposed to be at a record high, small business owners continue to get the shaft and not be allowed to compete for several reasons - one of which is that larger companies have a lobbying system that puts loopholes into contracting smaller companies (Gajilan, 2004). In addition, a huge bureaucratic system that has loopholes allowing a large company to define itself as small also means problems for the smaller businesses (Gajilan, 2004). Therefore, "despite the rhetorical embrace entrepreneurs receive for being the countrys leading source of jobs, official Washington shows little interest in fixing a system that is getting worse for small businesses" (Gajilan, 2004, p. 18). But its not only contracting opportunities that are at risk for small business ...

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