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This 10 page paper considers the way in which the students values may have changed over time in the context of their job as a social worker and the relevant code of ethics. The paper looks at the influences of family, friends and work on a range of issues including working general, religion, illegal immigrants, pro-choice and pro-life views and gay and lesbian rights. The bibliography cites 18 sources.

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and idealism. The simplified approach is to do what is right, which, it is assumed, should result in ethical behaviour and fair results. It is easy to make judgements regarding what is right and wrong and what is ethical or what is not ethical when in a safe environment of education. The discussions regarding the impacts of different behaviours and attitudes are theoretical only. Taking a hard line against topics such as illegal immigrants and abortion is easy when the individual does not have to face the consequences. Idealism can bias views of student and naivet? can create an environment in which the full consequences are not fully realised. As higher education is completed it is possible to argue that course is undertaken by social workers will help to increase the level of perception regarding broader consequences and help students develop analytical skills. Where an increased complexity of any issue is understood in terms of values and ethics then the resulting decisions will at least be more considered. The attitudes and values are not limited to development during its formative years. Influences of family, friends and work will continue to impact on the social worker. Instead of becoming more certain in decisions the usual pattern is that the increased awareness will create more uncertainty. It is that this reason that careful consideration is needed and the importance of a code of ethics can be appreciated (Guttman, 2006). Ethics are the principles by which individuals groups or organisations should behave; they lay down a system or theory for behaviour and moral values. Therefore, a code of ethics will set out expectations and guidelines to ensure moral or correct conduct and in some cases may be needed to ensure that generally expected ethics are clearly ...

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