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Should Women Fake Orgasms?

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An 8 page paper weighing the opinions of whether or not women should fake orgasms. The writer lists the pros and cons and reaches a final conclusion on the relative merits of faking. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

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orgasm continues to be the standard by which the quality of lovemaking is judged -- a man is considered a good lover if he gives an orgasm to his partner. Volumes have been written on the subject of female orgasm, yet it remains a mystery to many men (and to some women themselves).1 That a woman should experience orgasm each time she has intercourse is a myth that is reinforced in films and steamy novels, but in keeping this myth alive, a womans sexual response becomes expected. If a woman feels she must experience orgasm each time (or at least give the appearance that she has), then it would seem logical that on some occasions, she is acting out the response in much the same way as the women in films who perpetuate this myth. Statement of Problem Whether or not faking it is the best course to follow is a hot topic, but the question remains -- Should women fake orgasms? Yes, She Should Many women not only feel there is nothing wrong with faking, but can give very good reasons why a woman should. One primary reason is a fear of being thought inadequate, the thought that if she cant climax, there must be something wrong with her.2 There is also the concern that she may be labeled frigid. One woman says, "I always felt that because I couldnt have an orgasm, I wasnt a proper woman. I certainly wasnt going to advertise that, so I started faking."3 Faking orgasm can be looked at as a small courtesy. Its done to spare the mans feelings. When her partner is apparently so intent on bringing her to orgasm, and the woman realizes it just isnt going to happen, she fakes her response to end the ...

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