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Service-Level Agreements - Service-Level Management

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This 5 page paper discuses issues related to these two topics. The writer explains what an SLA is, its components, basic types of SLAs and the most common errors when developing the agreement. The writer also discuses Service-Level Management, the classifications and the important points about management. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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they will cancel my study and it may lead for legal action." Be cautioned, you may NOT submit our model paper to your professor. You MUST WRITE your own paper. If you submit our paper, you will be committing plagiarism. Our paper is intended to demonstrate how a paper is written, it is NOT FOR SUBMISSION BY YOU TO YOUR PROFESSOR!. You may use our paper only as a reference guide and even then, you MUST cite TPS as a source in your bibliography. AGAIN, DO NOT SUBMIT THIS PAPER; THAT IS ILLEGAL.] Leopoldi explains a Service Level Agreement is a formal written contract "developed jointly by the provider of services (IT) and its users" (Leopoldi, 2002, p. 1). This written agreement includes expectations, specifically, the "expected performance of the organizations information systems and services for its users" (Leopoldi, 2002, p. 1), responsibilities of all parties and the relationship between the parties (Leopoldi, 2002). Like a budget or a strategic plan, they are not cast in stone, they are living documents that are adjusted and modified as needs and technology changes (Leopoldi, 2002; Hayes, 2004). SLAs should also include parameters for assessing the performance of the system and a way in which to improve services (Hayes, 2004). In other words, a service level agreement should include what is going to be done, who is going to do what and how the SLA will be assessed for performance. Of course, service level agreements are not written only for information services, they can be written for any type of service but the focus of this paper is Web services. Sahai et al explain: "A web service can be described broadly as a service available via the web that conducts transactions" (Sahai et al., 2002). E-commerce, for instance is a Web service ...

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