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This 4 page paper takes a look at religion and society through the viewpoint of several theorists, including Marx and Durkheim. Religion is seen as a culprit or hindrance in a variety of matters, as well as a positive driving force. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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generally, the ideas, beliefs and values for the organization of modern societies? Marx in "The German Ideology" and "The Communist Manifesto" does make some definite points about the relative importance of ideas for social and historical development, which is in contrast to material conditions and material interests. He has made a great deal of points about religion and its ability to mystify reality. Calling it the opiate of the people, Karl Marx has noted that religion is something detrimental to the people. Karl Marxs suggestion that religion is the opiate of the people was something used by communists who would implement the theorists notions (Roberts, 1991). While some communists took Marxs words as dictum, others disagreed, like Castro who qualified it as being somehow different if used to defend the rich (Ostling, Diderich & Kepp, 1985). There are others who outright reject Marxs take on religion, suggesting that the opiate of the people idea is a "holdover from the dark ages" ("Philosopher," 1998, p.31). Fay says: "If Karl Marx was alive today he would still be working in the British Museum reading room, and he would have failed to spot the fact that football not religion is the opiate of the people" (Fay, 1996, p. 24). While Fays comment may ring true today, the truth is that at the time in which Marx came up with his idea, religion was indeed influential. Even today, with a host of liberal ideas bandied about, there are some who cling to their religion with a fervor, and will even give their lives for it. People murder "abortionists" for example, believing that what they are doing is right. They further live their lives by the ...

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