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Protocols of a Survey for HIV/AIDS Stigma and Discrimination and Access to Health Care Access

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This 20 page paper provides an overview of the protocols used for a survey of patients with HIV/AIDS. This paper relates the process for those demonstrating stigmatization and discrimination in regards to health care access. Bibliography lists 25 sources.

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only been at the forefront of national and international debates since the 1980s, and though many consider it a worldwide epidemic, focus on responsibility, public health response, risk factors, and health care coverage for people with AIDS must be recognized in relationship to the views of the disease, current statistics and even the history of the disease and the medical response. When AIDS was first discovered it caused a shock wave that was felt worldwide. Initially, AIDS was considered a disease only contracted by homosexual men and hemophiliacs and the beginning years were somewhat calm among the heterosexual world. But when word got out that the virus was spreading and that anyone could develop HIV infection, a panic set in that impacted the perception of the disease, the assessment of risk-taking behaviors and the view of the role that hospitals and insurers should play. One of the central realizations of public health organizations and insurers is that the AIDS epidemic is going to stay, even in light of beneficial and expensive treatment options, and that systems must be put in place for the long-term care of individuals with HIV infection. Worldwide, the AIDS epidemic is worse than many could have expected just a decade ago. Over twice as many people have been infected with HIV than was initially projected; over 42 million people have been infected since the discovery of the virus and 30.6 million people are currently (as of 1997) living with HIV and AIDS (AIDS Weekly Plus 19). In 1997 alone, over 5.8 million people globally have been newly infected with HIV, which can be broken down into nearly 16,000 new infections per day (AIDS Weekly Plus 19). With figures like these, it is essential that health care providers understand the ...

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