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Progress in Ancient Alchemy

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A 4 page discussion of the many inroads made by ancient alchemists. Although our modern world tends to scoff at alchemy, it involved not just the pursuit to turn other substances into gold but rather formed the rudiments of ancient science. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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In reality, ancient alchemy was forging out science as we know it today. Some, in fact, deserve considerable honors. Aristotle is one of the more fortunate ancient alchemist in regard to the manner in which he is perceived by the modern world. Although we now know that much of the Aristotelian approach was flawed, that we can not, no matter how hard we try, turn another substance into gold, for example; we also know that Aristotle had many reasons to think that he was making progress. Ancient alchemy, after all, concerned not just turning another substance into gold but it involved mankinds attempt to understand the natural workings of the world as a whole. Much progress was made in many diverse areas by ancient alchemist. Modern medicine, for example, has its roots here. Ancient alchemists approached the world from the perspective of logic. To Aristotle, for example, all things had to fit into nice neat categories of logic. He classified items and thought processes alike but also recognized that knowledge of a thing is something that goes beyond it classification and description. All things also have causes to which they can be traced, the causes in themselves can be classified into four principles of explanation: material causes, formal causes or design, efficient cause (the items maker or builder) and final cause which translates into purpose or function. Under the doctrine of categories Aristotle specified that reality can be classified according to a number of categories such as quality, quantity, relation, determination in time and space, action, passion or passivity, position and condition. Substance is one of these categories as well. Substance is, in fact, the primary category. He also ...

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