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Prevention and Management of Constipation

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This 9 page paper looks at the effective prevention and treatment for constipation. The paper starts by looking at the approaches which can be used to prevent constipations and manage the risks. The second part considers a range of treatment options including pharmacological treatment including laxatives and enemas and non pharmacological treatment including lifestyle changes, massage and alternative treatments. The bibliography cites 16 sources.

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constipation may be prevented and when it occurs how it may be treated. The condition is one that often turns up in general practice as well as on a hospital setting, with treating and management placing a burden of healthcare resources. There is no single definition of constipation as it is subjective dependant on the patient and their normal bowel as there is a wide variety in bowel movement patterns across the population. It may be defined as the absence of any bowel movements for a number of days, or the presence of hard, dry stools which are not easy to expel (Richmond, 2003). A more useful working definition may be that it is the passage of hard stools less frequently than the patients own normal pattern (Prescribing Nurse Bulletin, 2007). Generally reported symptoms include hard stools, bloating or pain, the feeling that there is a blockage, the need to strain to evacuate stools and possible difficulty in relaxing the muscles during defecation (Richmond, 2003). As with any condition, prevention is better than cure, therefore preventative measures are possible, especially where there are patients who present a specific risk, such as patients on opioids. A risk assessment will allow a healthcare provider to assess the potential risk of constipation and helping to get preventative measures (Campbell et al, 2001). Risk assessment as a tool used in patient care planning, however it should be noted that about a great deal of literature on risk assessment the specific assessment of constipation is poorly covered (Richmond, 2003; Campbell et al, 2001). With the recognition of individual risk tailored prevention strategies can be developed (Richmond, 2003, 2002). It is suggested that attention is increased with an assessment that classified the patient at a low, ...

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