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Power Structure Issues in Ancient Greece

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This 4 page paper looks at power-structure in Ancient Greece. Ovid's Metamorphoses is referred to extensively. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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not necessarily present in the general thinking in Greek mythology. For example, in Metamorphoses, Lyne (2001) explains that "the powerful exploit the weak and enforce their sexual will. The figure of Jove is evoked from different perspectives: He is classical myths prime exponent of metamorphosis in pursuit of sexual conquest" (p. 157). In this work, the powerful exploit those who are weak sexually (Lyne, 2001). In Greek mythology in general however, there is a sense that gender is not stratified as it is in Ovids work specifically. For example, while Zeus is a male and occupies the head of the gods, Hera is a queen and also very powerful ("Greek mythology," 2007). In some way, this is reminiscent of structures in royalty in later eras. There may be some gender element in stratified societies, but by and large, women had some power and this is true in terms of Greek mythology as well. One type of power structure is related to sex and to some extent, gender is an issue. Another is related to politics. Lyne (2001) writes, in respect to Metamorphoses: "Jove is also representative of the highest power, so other forms of politics, as well as sexual politics, are implied" (p. 157). Nizynska (2001) writes about Greek mythology as follows: "...both Ovid and Herbert wrote under repressive regimes, and both incorporated into their craft a complex dialogue concerning freedom of expression" (p. 151). Here, there is a sense that the political landscape, in terms of human politics, was most relevant. Many people were thirsty for freedom. The power structure among the gods was defined in hierarchal form. Again, Zeus and Hera were at the head, while other gods such as Athena, Artemis and Aphrodite would each rule different areas ("Greek mythology," 2007). Some lesser gods were for example, ...

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