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Management and Prevention of Colorectal Cancer

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This 18 page paper examines a variety of risk factors for colorectal cancer. The disease is described. Genetics are discussed. Screening procedures are examined in depth as well as preventive measures one can take to avoid colon cancer. Various risk factors are addressed and the paper concludes that people should be screened for colon cancer based on their personal histories and there should not be blanket recommendations. Bibliography lists 25 sources.

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the disease. This is not to say that physicians ignore susceptibility or genetics. Personal history is always important. However, cancer societies, governmental agencies and so forth, push certain screening tests at specific ages. Are these really necessary? Screening tests have always been controversial, not only due to money, but also due to the comfort of the test and the problem that false positives, or false negatives, accentuate. Screening tests can be life-saving, but they can also affect the psyche when results are unclear. As far as colorectal cancer is concerned, there is a lack of clarity as to causation and when particular screening tests should be administered. In respect to colon cancer, there is a gender and race component as well as a genetic component. Theuer, Taylor, Brewster & Anton-Culver (2006) note that black men are much more susceptible to colon cancer than their white counterparts or than females in general. Also, personal medical history comes into play. There are warning signs to look for-although when those occur as with any cancer-it is usually too late, but certainly a blanket recommendation is not cost effective nor prudent. It is not only the fact that some people will have better access to the health care system, or that everyone should be screened just in case, but rather, that the testing can be uncomfortable, and many people avoid tests. In fact, fewer than 20% (Byers, Levin, Rothenberger, Dodd & Smith, 1997, p.154) bother to screen for colorectal cancer. With that statistic in mind, it seems as if the cancer and medical organizations should cease recommending blanket screening procedures and instead, recommend that screening for colorectal cancer be done on a case by case basis. While FOBT should be done routinely, even prior to the age of 50, it is ...

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