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Joan of Arc: Interpretations

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An 8 page paper which examines different interpretations of the life and work of Joan of Arc. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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questionable mental stability. She is seen as a woman of modern times, offering one hope and inspiration, and a woman of incredible legend that seems to grow bigger and bigger with each passing generation. In the following paper we present some various perspectives, some interpretations, of Joan of Arc, offering the student material for further examination. Interpretation 1 Interestingly enough, this first interpretation, offered by Graham (2002), first illustrates how Mark Twain thought of Joan of Arc: "I thought my schooling gave me a fair picture of Joan of Arc. Interesting but minor, right? Wrong, declares Mark Twain, who researched her life for 12 years in writing his biography of her" (george.html). Twain claimed that, "Joan of Arc is the most amazing human person in the annals of recorded history" (Graham, 2002; george.html). Graham (2002) indicates that "As a teenager, Joan of Arc went from unknown country girl to the most amazing human person in the annals of recorded history during a mission that took her a little over a year. Recent airings of the CBS mini-series on Joan of Arc did a moving portrayal of the awesome responsibility that a seventeen-year-old girl took on her shoulders, and the precious little thanks she got as an eighteen-year-old in fulfilling it" (george.html). However, Graham (2002) indicates that the series "did a poor job of outlining her many military successes, or pointing out how, by her battle prowess, she totally demoralized the English occupation army" (george.html). Clearly Graham (2002) is one who admires Joan greatly, and is very intrigued by her alterations and her ability to engage her quest with no violence. He illustrates a romantic era and reality stating how her soldiers "In their pain they could look up to see the face of a person crossing ...

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