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Hormones, Testosterone and Personality Differences Between the Genders

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This 3 page paper considers whether or not testosterone and other hormones can in fact be considered responsible for personality differences between men and women. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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for personality differences between men and women. Discussion There is a perception that the differences generally observed in male and female behavior can be accounted for by differences in hormones. Testosterone is thought to make men aggressive while women are "weepy" and emotional because of the estrogen in their systems. While studies are not conclusive, there does appear to be some evidence to support this thinking. These hormones first appear in humans at puberty; testosterone is a "male sex hormone that stimulates sperm production and is responsible for male sex characteristics," while estrogens are defined as "[F]emale sex hormones produced by the ovaries and involved in the development of reproductive organs and secondary sexual characteristics" (Puberty). This source also notes that "The release of the hormone testosterone during puberty is associated with more aggressive behavior in males. Increases in estrogen (in females) and testosterone is associated with an increased sex drive, or libido" (Puberty). In other words, it appears that testosterone makes men more aggressive while estrogen renders women more interested in sex. It has been found that "[C]hanges in the concentration of hormones can have profound effects on mood and behavior in humans" (Simpson, 2001, p. 32). These changes have been associated with depression and other psychiatric disorders (Simpson, 2001). For instance, "50-75% of patients with major depression show hyperactivity of the hypothalamic-pituitaryadrenal (HPA) axis characterised by excess secretion of cortisol" (Simpson, 2001, p. 32). This purely biological process can have a social impact, since "[A]ggressive behavior in society is a serious ... problem" (Simpson, 2001, p. 32). In England and Wales for the period 1998-1999, the number of violent crimes increased 6.3%; most of these crimes were violence against other persons (Simpson, 2001). Therefore, although there are many factors that influence aggressive behavior, "there is ...

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