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Gender-Targeted Advertising: The Image of Women and Men in Advertising

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A 6 page discussion of the impact of gender-targeted advertising on society. This paper notes the discrepancies which exist in using females verses male models in certain segments of advertising but emphasizes that as disturbing as this discrepancy is there are even more disturbing aspects of gender-targeted advertising. One of the most disturbing is the tendency of advertising to target such intimate aspects of our lives as gender roles, our perception of our bodies, and even our sexual orientation. No sources are listed.

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become an ever more forceful component of our society. Commercial interests are permeating every aspect of our lives. Our public spaces, both physical and tangential, are increasingly subjected to commercial messages which are designed to change our perceptions and ultimately to render economic benefit on the commercial entity responsible for the commercial messages. Many of our actions, from the foods we eat, to the way we dress, to the way we perceive our bodies, and indeed to the way we perceive our own sexuality can be contended to be directly influenced by advertising. The manner in which women verses men are portrayed in advertising has the potential to change some of the most intimate aspects of our behavior. One of the more unfortunate aspects of the commercial infiltration of our public and private space is the nature of the gender messages which we are receiving. In many ways these messages fill the cultural void which has grown increasingly wider over the past several decades. They fill it, however, with material which is degrading in nature. Gender-targeted advertising is, in fact, one of the largest factors shaping our popular culture today. It is though advertisements, movies, radio broadcasts, even bill boards that we have filled the cultural void of popular culture. Advertising carefully targets an audience and depicts its content in such a way to appeal to that audience. It is a commonly acknowledged fact, for example, that sports advertising most often targets males. They accomplish this by presenting images of athletically fit models endorsing everything from beer to athletes foot medicine. Often times these products are endorsed by the athletes and the ...

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