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A 5 page paper discussing the brokerage, infomediary, merchant and manufacturer (direct) models of e-commerce and supplying examples of each. Those examples, respectively, are,, and Dell Computer. Each has developed what has come to be a specific online business model that others try to emulate. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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The early promise of e-commerce was that many finally would find the solution to business and consumer sales. Business customers took right to online buying, but individuals were much slower in adapting to the venue. The most successful companies are those that found their own approaches to creating workable business models. The purpose here is to assess infomediary, merchant, affiliate and community models and select one for Turning Point inpatient rehab to use. The recommended model is the community model, blended with an affiliate program for external advertisers. Infomediary Model Marketers busily contrive innovative ways to collect information about consumers in an effort to more effectively hone their advertising messages to their target audiences. Sites such as offer buyers significant discounts on consumer items and services in return for furnishing several types of information about themselves. uses the incentive marketing approach to the infomediary model. Incentive marketing involves the use of a loyalty program "that provides incentives to customers such as redeemable points or coupons for making purchases from associated retailers. Data collected about users is sold for targeted advertising" (Rappa, 2008). Thus "members" of receive regular email messages about offers available at the Web site at worthwhile savings over regular retail price. By using one of these services, marketers can hire the service to promote a specific product thought to match the demographics of identified membership. These individuals receive regular email from the services by opting into an email list that allows advertisers to avoid any threat of being accused of "spamming" (Mailing Lists -vs- Spam Lists, n.d.). Merchant Model ...

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