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Database Management for a Small, Non-profit Organization

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This 4 page paper examines a hypothetical situation for a nonprofit organization and how they might implement a database. The Lions Club is chosen and basic information is provided about the club. The paper focuses on choosing software and how a database might be used for an upcoming convention. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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large event. In a hypothetical scenario, the Lions Club is going to be hosting a convention with at least 300 people, and this is something that would likely requisite a large database. It is presumed that this nonprofit organization would be using Oracle or SQL in order to track registrations as well as meals and member registrations. How should it go about implementing a system to accommodate the guests? First, some information about the organization is relevant. What is the Lions Club exactly? The Lions Club is a service organization that embraces projects supporting activities on both the international and local levels ("Plymouth Clubs," 2006). This organization works with a variety of causes such as the needs of the deaf and blind and the provision of holiday food baskets for the poor("Plymouth Clubs," 2006). The Lions Club is hosting a convention and will need a database set up from the outset. People who man the phones and take reservations should have the database up and running so that reservations may be processed automatically and will be able to be referenced from any computer. In creating this database, the first decision to be made is which software to choose. It is assumed that a knowledgeable programmer is on board to create the database as some expertise is necessary. If there are no members of this nonprofit group who happen to be computer knowledgeable, it is recommended that someone be hired to perform the necessary tasks. Once a person is chosen for the job, the software should be purchased. Here, there are several choices. Something called MySQL has been introduced and while it has a great deal of good features, it is not quite as up to standard when compared with the big four databases (McCown, 2006). Also, it does not have ...

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