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Contributions of Hebrew Religion and Culture to Western Civilization

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A 3 page paper which examines the contributions made by Hebrew religion and culture to western civilization as seen through the book “Western Civilization” by Jackson J. Spielvogel. No additional sources cited.

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helped to essentially create the foundations of western civilization. Without these ancient cultures the western civilizations would not have had a history that generally established them intelligent and experienced people. The western civilizations did not evolve in a vacuum, but rather came form these ancient cultures. One of these ancient cultures is the Hebrews, whose religion essentially stands as the basis for all Christian faith, a powerful aspect of all western civilizations in the past and today. The following paper examines some of the contributions made by the Hebrews to western civilizations. The paper focuses on religion and family. Religion As mentioned, the religion of the Hebrews is something that can be directly, and powerfully, linked to western civilization. The most powerful proof of this is the Old Testament. The Hebrews relied on this text as the defining text of their religion, and most western civilizations possess this Old Testament in their Bible of the Christian faith. While Christians in western civilizations do not go by the Old Testament, it is a part of the Bible that Christians believe tell our history, or the history of Jesus people. Because of these realities the Old Testament is also very much a book that western civilizations abide by, or see as deeply related to their existence. AS Spielvogel indicates, "According to the Jewish conception, there is but one God....God is the creator of the world and everything in it....To the Jews, the gods of all other peoples were idols" (33). This is one of the most basic religious foundations of Christians and thus is one of the most basic foundations of western civilization. During the development of western civilization the Christians who ruled the powerfully developed lands entered into other lands, regions throughout Europe, Scotland, Ireland and many other ...

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