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California Recall Election 2003

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A 6 page paper essay traces the history of the recent gubernatorial recall election. It looks at the history of recalls and recall attempts of elected officials, including the legal foundation for such actions in the state of California. The essay then provides a historical overview of the most recent recall election, including who started it, the issues, the attempts to prevent it and how it ended. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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overview of the most recent recall election, including who started it, the issues and how it ended. Recall attempts are not new in the state of California. In fact, there have been 31 gubernatorial recall campaigns in California.i The catalyst for most was frustration with the state economy.ii Some were driven by dissatisfaction with particular policy decisions and others were just because the people did not like the governor.iii The first attempt to recall a governor was in 1936 when Governor Frank Merriam who was charged with putting the state in more and more debt and who was also charged with being too cozy with oil barons.iv In 1968, some groups attempted to recall Republican Governor Ronald Reagan.v It was Governor Hiram Johnson that the recall system was enacted in Johnson believed the people should be protected from political bosses and from corporations that had gained a great deal of political power, such as the Southern Pacific Railroad.vii In other words, Johnson saw a need for the people to fight against corruption in the state.viii The law, however, is fuzzy and does not specify exactly what kinds of actions on the part of the official should be grounds to set off a recall campaign.ix Both the state Constitution and the California election law spell out the administrative requirements, for instance, 12 percent of the voters from the previous election must sign the recall petition. But, neither document identifies standards for corruption or ineptitude that must be proven for a recall to begin.x While previous recall attempts of governors have failed, there have been four successful recalls of legislators.xi Senator Edwin Grant was recalled in 193 because he opposed prostitution in San Francisco.xii Senator Marshall Black was recalled that same year for his involvement in a scandal involving ...

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