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This 6 page paper discusses the life and presidency of Ronald Reagan. Furthermore, this paper assesses his presidency from four standpoints: trait, style, path, and contingency. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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The life of Ronald Reagan is one which deserves reflection, because of the vast impact he had on this country and, in fact, the world in many ways. Reagan was able to experience significant support and popularity in his presidency because he was a very charismatic man, and had a legacy of using his talents and abilities to positively influence others. Reagan had the distinct ability to be firm about policy while making friends at the same time. He was truly an exceptional man in this regard. In order to better understand how Reagan was able to accomplish this, it is important to break-down the elements, as much as possible, of his charisma. Not only did this many have exceptional personality traits, but his style was all his own. From his youth he had a certain way of talking, of making others feel good about themselves, which can only be described as style. Reagan also ventured a varied career path and yet, upon reflection, it is clear how his experiences before the presidency clearly impacted his years as President of the United States. There is no question that he was very good at problem solving as well. There are many examples throughout his career of conflicts which transpired and his apparent effortless handling of them. The Life of Ronald Reagan If one examines the life of Ronald Reagan, there is no question that leadership is a consistent theme. Ronald Reagan lived what could be called a very "large" life, and showed signs of being a powerful personality and a leader from his youth. Reagans penchant for leadership was evident from his youth through his presidency and even into his later years. In ...

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