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Art in the Eastern Tradition: Religious and Mythical Themes

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A 5 page exploration of art as it reflects religion and mythology in India. The author provides examples from dance, folklore, jewelry and architecture. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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tradition is replete with examples of how art has been used to express religious and mythical themes. India is particularly fascinating in this regard. The countrys massive territorial holdings coupled with the fact that she claims honor as being the birthplace of three of the worlds largest religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, make her artistic accomplishments particularly diverse and awe inspiring (Dehejia, 1998). Her art even precedes the arrival of the countrys sophisticated civilizations, some of which date back over four-thousand years in time (Dehejia, 1998). Indian art is part of one of the most complex art traditions in the world and religious and mythical themes are a predominant part of that tradition. Indian art, like the Indian people themselves, is in a constant state of transition (Dehejia, 1998). The various invasion of the Aryans, Moguls and British have each presented their influence in Indian art. So too has the phenomenon of Hindu Nationalism. Today, it is the modern West which is most heavily influencing Indian art. Throughout each of these cultural impacts, however, certain factions of Indian art have remained constant. This is particularly true in regard to religious art. Religion, of course, is very diverse in India. Hindu is the primary religion (comprising 82.6 percent of the population) but, as in numerous other countries, Islam has taken its root here as well and now comprises 11.4 percent of the population (Central Intelligence Agency, 1991). The religions and the corresponding artistic symbolism of the country is a shaping factor in practically every aspect of Indian life. Indeed, Indian art is replete with the symbolism and mythology of religion. The Bharata natyam ...

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