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An 8 page paper that provides an overview of the essential elements that can be related in a sample intervention model for the problem of teen pregnancy. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

A 6 page paper that provides an overview of the social and educational programs proposed as prevention models for teen pregnancy and then evaluates them in terms of outcomes. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Margaret Sanger

  • 5 page paper

In 5 pages, the writer discusses Margaret Sanger. She had an important role in establishing "Planned Parenthood", which has had an impact on today's society. She felt that women, particularly poor, lower class women, should be able to use birth control methods and be taught about sexual reproduction and contraception in general. Bibliography ...

Margaret Sanger

  • 5 page paper

This 5 page paper provides biographic data on Margaret Sanger with emphasis on her social work. Sanger is a well known pioneer but controversial figure in the birth control movement. Accusations of racism are addressed. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

A 7 page research paper on the latest methods of contraception, including Norplant, emergency contraception, “Traffic Light” fertility indicator, RU 428, male annual vaccine, and male birth control pill. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

This 10 page report discusses the fact that breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed non-dermatologic cancer and the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths among women in the United States. The paper focuses on developing a study that can examine the relationship between the knowledge of breast self-examination (BSE) and cancer detected through ...

This 12 page paper defines infidelity and looks at its effects on committed relationships. Several aspects are considered including the societal influence on the perception of adultery. Whether or not relationships can survive affairs is the focus of this paper. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Premarital Sex

  • 8 page paper

An 8 page paper discussing the physical and emotional implications of nonmarital sex. There are more reasons today for avoiding nonmarital sex than there were in the past, but only in the number of STDs that have now been recognized. All other arguments have been present all along, but many are only now being recognized. ...

This six-page-paper presents a detailed discussion on why incest avoidance occurs. The biological, sociological and political ramifications are presented. Bibliography lists six sources.

This nine-page-paper presents a thorough and in-depth discussion on the merits of expanding federal hate crime bills to include the protection of the homosexual community. Bibliography lists eight sources.

This 8 page paper considers the rise in acquaintance (date) rape and contributing factors related to this problem. This paper considers some of the central myths and misinformation regarding the issue of rape and the implications for healthcare workers. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

( 7 pp) The article which will be examined in this analysis is 'The Rape Debate,' from Camilla Pagilia's 1992 book, Sex, Art and the American Culture. The conceptual question proposed by this author is that rape is at the far end of the natural sex spectrum, and a natural result of uncontrollable male ...

Love's Illusions

  • 5 page paper

In the contemporary world, love comes in all shapes, sizes, ages, genders, transgenders, peccadilloes and perversions. This 5 page paper explores the concept of love and the illusions that sometimes are included. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

5 pages in length. The writer describes in detail the process of pregnancy and the female reproductive system. Bibliography lists 4 sources.


  • 5 page paper

5 pages in length. A number of hormonal changes take place during puberty. Initiated from the increase of such hormones as testosterone, melatonin and something called the fatness hormone, puberty begins a time in an adolescent's life when he or she experiences a reorganization of sorts both physically and emotionally. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

A Maternal Assessment

  • 5 page paper

A 5 page paper which presents a maternal assessment of a pregnant woman. The assessment addresses the pregnant woman's unique position, and informs the woman of changes, medications, expectations, breastfeeding, and other relevant issues concerning her pregnancy. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

7 pages in length. This interesting paper includes some surprising statements that have been brought forth regarding Jewish sexuality. While some are indeed controversial, nonetheless they are worth including in order to consider both sides of the subject. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

(5 pp) Through four American narratives by Chopin, Hurston, Williams, and Hawthorne, we will get a "feel," for the perceived idea of marriage. The author will propose a different definition, as well as examine those given by these authors.

Analytical Reflection.

  • 5 page paper

(5 pp). Our challenge in this discussion is to examine an emotionally charged phase, " rape is simply sex by other means for reproductively unsuccessful males," and determine a method to respond to the statement. An initial response to such a phrase is an emotional one. Through using an "analytical reflective method," ...

A 5 page paper which examines the importance of scientific knowledge in selecting a contraceptive and how it will interact with the male and female reproductive systems, knowledge of the body as a consideration, and a discussion of the many contraceptive methods. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

13 pages in length. When a condom bouquet arrives to its intended recipient, people are not quite sure how to react. A young man buys a CD of his favorite musical artist and finds a condom attached as a combination safety incentive and marketing promotion. A college student takes delivery of his ...

A 5 page paper which presents various approaches to reducing teenage pregnancies. The paper discusses self esteem, parenting classes, and advertisement approaches. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

6 pages. This paper will deal with a local issue, sexually transmitted diseases prevalent on college campus, and argue an issue in that area. This is done in order to see the problem first, then the solution. This will be an argument driven by a thesis statement with the word "should" in it – ...

5 pages. This research paper compares and contrasts the aspects of two biological stages in the female's life, that of adolescence and menopause. Interestingly enough, not only are these two major life changes on the opposite end of the reproduction cycle from each other, but they also have very much in common as well. ...

An 8 page paper which examines the processes of pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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