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  • 4 page paper

This well known city is discussed as it relates to culture and politics in this 4 page paper. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

A 5 page research paper/essay in which the writer contrasts and compares the creation stories of Hesiod and Ovid. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

In five pages this paper compares Hesiod’s Five Ages of Man with Ovid’s Four Ages of Mankind creation myth; and also compares and contrasts the story of Zeus with Olympic deities Poseidon and Hades in order to examine why their interactions with Zeus and stories about their origins are important to understanding Greek mythology. ...

A 4 page discussion of whether there is any predictability as to whether or not the Greek goddesses were fully assimilated their indigenous counterparts. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

This 4 page paper considers what Homer has told us of various fighters in the Trojan War, and argues that Hector is the real hero of the story. Bibliography lists 1 source.

This 4 page paper discusses some of the theories of mythology and then applies them to 2 creation myths. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Odysseus and Galaesus

  • 4 page paper

This 4 page paper compares the character of Galaesus in The Aeneid with Homer’s hero Odysseus. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Odysseus as Hero

  • 3 page paper

This is a 3 page paper that provides an overview of Odysseus. Several heroic qualities are cited with evidence from the Odyssey. Bibliography lists 1 source.


  • 6 page paper

This 6 page essay offers a comprehensive discussion of Medea and the way in which she is portrayed, not only in Greek mythology, but also in literature. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

In a paper of five pages, the author writes about the god Apollo. The author of this paper explains how Apollo was important to the lives of the Greeks through prophecy and music. There are two sources cited in this paper.

In a paper of twelve pages, the author writes about the theatres of ancient Greece especially within the city of Athens. The author of this paper discusses both tragedies and comedies and how the gods were important to ancient Greek theatre. There are five sources cited in this paper.

In a paper of five pages, the author writes how Oedipus was a victim of fate and how he helped it along with pride. The author of this paper gives examples of how Oedipus was forced by his fate and how his pride led to poor decision making. There are two sources cited in this ...

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