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This 3 page paper provides an overview of an application essay to chiropractic school.

Life in Discovery

  • 2 page paper

This 2 page paper provides an overview of the concept of a life in discovery as a part of an admissions essay.

This 4 page paper provides an overview of an admissions letter for a person applying for a MS degree in technical communication.

This 5 page paper discusses the value of the Master's Degree in Business Administration. The writer begins by reporting an article that claimed the MBA has little value and the comments regarding that article from others. The Graduate Management Admission Council conducted a study of over 1,000 MBA graduates regarding their satisfaction with the degree, ...

Thbis 3 page paper provides an overview of three questions about tourist destination management.

11 pages on the Political Science department & programs at a specific Northeastern state college. The writer describes the school's relevant course work, available resources, careers in political science, and more. Several sources listed in bibliography.

This 15 page paper discusses two primary topics: setting up one's own business and buying into an existing business. The first part of the paper explains and discusses the essential steps in establishing one's own business. This includes a description of the types of business one may establish, e.g., sole proprietor, corporation, and the components ...

A 4 page overview of some of the more common legal requirements for employee rights. A detailed discussion is included on the more complex ramifications of workers' rights as provided in the “Employment at Will” and the “Fair Labor Standards Act”. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

10 pages in length. The writer's reaction to their experience training in the police academy. Described are the academy's intended purpose, curriculum, and more. Also included is a brief overview of police academy history. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

In 5 pages the author discusses the fields of agriculture and horticulture, from the history and pioneers in the field, to modern-day concerns. An interview was incorporated into the paper. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Art Therapy

  • 14 page paper

A 14 page paper that discusses some of the aspects of art therapy and offers real-life examples of how art helped people overcome different crises. Art therapy is described as a type of psychotherapy or supportive therapy, which uses the creative process--art-making in addition to verbalization. One of the core concepts is the analysis ...

A 5 page paper which discusses the first three sections of Carole Hyatt and Linda Gottlieb's book, "When Smart People Fail." These sections illustrate what failure truly is, and what it truly is not. They provide definitions and explanations of failure and illustrate how it is all in how we perceive the event, not the event itself, that really ...

Internship Essay

  • 3 page paper

This 3 page paper provides an overview of an internship essay, which focuses on the use of career development theory relative to the pursuit of a career in computers. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

MSCIT Career Essay

  • 3 page paper

This 3 page essay looks at what this degree will do for one's career in the field of information technology. Managerial skills are discussed. No bibliography.

This 7 page example paper provides a first person essay concerning a student majoring in multimedia programming. The student interviews two individuals who work in the field and the paper concludes by relaying what the student learned as a result. The interviews are fictitious.No bibliography.

A 12 page essay that describing the process of becoming an auxiliary police officer for the New York City Police Department.

(6 pp). Writing sample instructions: At a crucial step in the interview process, a writing sample including an example of my ability to solve business problems has been requested. This should be a real example of my experience. The problem may be in any area: personnel, finance, computers, accounting, marketing ...

Technical Writing

  • 12 page paper

A 12 page paper. Technical writing is a diverse field and includes all documents that intend to convey specific types of information. This essay discusses technical writing and getting published. It begins with a comprehensive discussion about how to write a good technical article or document. This includes the need for proper and clear ...

This 5 page paper provides an overview of the basic elements related to pursuing a career in computer networking, and assesses the current research as it reflects a specific view of this career path. This paper also considers the author's perspective on this career path and the determinants of success in this career choice. ...

In an effort to restore customer satisfaction and harmony in the workplace, I suggest the organization implement a writing skills workshop to benefit the entire organization. Writing skills are more than an incidental organizational practice. Internally, they dispel misunderstanding among employees. Both internally and externally, they reflect an organizations pride, morale, self-esteem, and attitude. Just ...

This 5 page paper provides a general introduction to the job of physical education teacher. The essay includes: educational preparation, job opportunities, average salary, responsibilities of the teacher, challenges, the role of the PE teacher in combating obesity, and three things an individual might like and dislike about the profession. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

This 5 page paper provides a step by step instruction on writing a letter of intent for a graduate school in Health Sciences, with an emphasis on community health and epidemiology. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

This is a 4 page paper that shows an example of how to write a paper for a scholarship contest. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

This 5 page research paper discusses different occupational programs and reports findings regarding their success rates. Exemplary programs can be found but those operating under the major federal funding source have not been impressive. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

A 4 page letter of application for a Master's Degree Program in Education. The writer comments on why she/he is changing careers (from marketing to teaching), on certain personal characteristics, such as being a life-long learner and discusses their interest in and the importance of learning styles and using approaches that encourage participation, such as ...

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