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This 11 page paper presents an introduction and overview of Buddhism, including basic beliefs and the types of Buddhism along with the names of their Scripture. The second part of the paper reports a summary of an interview with a practicing Buddhist and includes an example of some of the holidays they celebrate and challenges in practicing. The next section compares Buddhism to the Baptist religion and includes the basic beliefs of this religion. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

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the oldest practiced religions in the world today (, 2008; Truth for the World, 2005). Buddha focused on "attaining salvation from worldly sufferings, universal brotherhood, peace, and non-violence" (, 2008). There are more than 365 million practicing Buddhists in the world. There are several denominations in Buddhism that are found in different geographic regions. Theravada is found in Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Cambodia; Mahayana is practiced in China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam; Vajrayana Buddhism is practiced in Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia, Bhutan and Sikkim; Jodo Shin Buddhism or Pure Land Buddhism, which is found mostly in India and Japan; and Zen Buddhism which is practiced in various parts of the world (Woodlands Junior School, 2008; Truth for the World, 2005). All follow the same teaching, which is called the Dhamma, or, truth (Woodlands Junior School, 2008; Truth for the World, 2005). Buddhists worship in a temple and/or at a shrine in the home. They usually sit on the floor with bare feet facing an image of the Buddha. Their worship is filled with chanting. In a temple, worshipers listen to monks recite religious texts and they pray together. The basic beliefs of Buddhism include the Four Noble Truths, which are: 1. The Existence of Suffering. Birth and death are both painful as are disease and old age. It is painful not to have what we would like to have (Lorentz, 2007). In other words, life is full of suffering. 2. The Cause of Suffering. Craving for something that pleases the senses, craving for prosperity and happiness in the here and now cause suffering (Lorentz, 2007). In short, suffering is the result of wanting and craving things. 3. Ending of Suffering. The only way to eliminate suffering is to give up the cravings (Lorentz, 2007). Since desire and craving cause all ...

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