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This 200 page paper is a dissertation on the world religions, and promotes a comparative view on the major religions. Bibliography lists 100 sources.

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have dominated social culture for decades, a larger percentage of the world population participates in other dominant religions, including Buddhism, Hinduism and the Islamic faith. Though different in origin and tradition, many of these religions share common constructs, including the development of codes of ethics, and beliefs regarding gender and religious culture and the nature of the soul. Comparative views of the world religions provide a basis for understanding how the cultures of the world have been altered over centuries of religious change. In fact, understanding the distinct nature of the world religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Taoism, and the Islamic faith provides a basis for relating religious ideologies. Demonstrating the influence of these dominant religions can also provide a means of assessing the influence that certain ideologies have had on the indigenous people of regional communities. BACKGROUND In understanding the basis for the world religions and their influence, it is necessary to understand the social, cultural, and philosophical perspectives that have maintained the beliefs of so many for so long. There are a number of reasons why religion is important in the construction and development of any social structure, both in terms of individual and group beliefs and the way in which such beliefs shape cultural practices and social infrastructures such as the law and the political system. Some theorists assert that in order to understand the powerful influence which comparative religions have upon modern society it is necessarily to look at primitive forms. This is not from the perspective that religion has a particular starting point somewhere in the past, but rather that there are elements common to all religions which constitute its importance to society, and ...

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