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Using the Internet for Business to Business Transactions

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This 12 page report discusses the use of the Internet in business to business transactions and the potential for both great success and huge failure. One potential success is that of the business known as Covisint, “global independent eBusiness exchange for the automotive industry.” Its purpose is to reduce redundancy and the need for suppliers to deal with numerous systems for each of its car manufacturer members. The concept seems like a remarkable effort in terms of both collaboration and integration. It is too early to tell what its long-term impact will be on the marketplace. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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success and huge failure. The past decade has seen an explosion in the potential for the Internet to serve as an additional channel or means to enhance information transfer in realms ranging from banking to manufacturing. For example, the banking industry is one of the leaders in the process and presents the concerns of security and fraud which, not surprisingly, most concerns all financial institutions, as well as consumers. The student researching this project will find that asynchronous transfer mode, changes in the international standards for computer networking and Internet all have had and will continue to have a significant impact on the future of electronic data interchange and allowing the framework by which it can become a truly ubiquitous tool in modern business. In addition, various concerns regarding the process are presented, as well as future technological possibilities. For example, the electronic data interchange (EDI) system and the Internet have melded in a manner that allows retailers and suppliers to transfer data to their partners. Instead of choosing between one or the other for the transmission of business data, industry partners can send EDI sets on the Internet and reduce costs while increasing transmission efficiency. The implications in terms of business to business transactions is truly remarkable. It is not too bold a statement to say that the use of the Internet in business to business applications has the very real potential to be nearly as staggering as the introduction of computers themselves to the workplace. Covisint Covisint describes itself at its website a: "global independent eBusiness exchange for the automotive industry" (Internet source). The student will be able to find a great deal of information about the companys philosophy and market expectations at the site -- www.covisint. com. For example, the company also notes that it ...

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