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UCLA Healthcare Business Results 2001-2002

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A 6 page paper using the annual report of UCLA Healthcare to judge whether this is a good place to work. Judging only from what can be surmised from the annual report, UCLA Healthcare appears to be a very good place to work. Certainly it is financially stable, and it also enjoys a financial safety net in that it is a state institution. It is an organization that appears to need to be recommended as one to work for. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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Healthcare is the teaching hospital arm of the University of California. As a teaching and research hospital, it is one of the countrys leading hospitals. The purpose here is to judge from the annual report whether the hospital is a good place to work. Performance Assessment Table 1. Selected Financial Ratios ($ in thousands) Item Derivation UCLA Healthcare 2001 2002 Current total debt $270,757 $304,903 Current Ratio Current Assets ? Current Liabilities 1.64 1.49 Quick Ratio (Cash + Receivables) ? Current Liabilities 1.64 1.49 Current Receivable Turnover Sales ?Average Receivables 4.12 3.87 Return on Assets (ROA) EBIT ? Average Total Assets 1.09 0.27 Operating Profit Margin EBIT ? Sales 1.0 1.0 Net Income $254 $7,220 Working Capital Current Assets - Current Liabilities $75,195 $73,913 Source: Annual Report. Profitability The profitability ratios are operating profit margin, net profit margin, return on assets and return on equity. Several of these ratios are dependent on tax liability and shareholder equity, of which UCLA Healthcare has neither. It is possible to calculate one of these ratios. ROA was 1.09 in 2001, placing UCLA Healthcare in a position quite enviable among university-attached medical centers. ROA declined in 2002, but it is still quite positive in this environment in which "Teaching hospitals often fail even to break even" (Christensen, Bohmer and Kenagy, 2000). UCLA certainly does not fall into the category that Christensen, Bohmer and Kenagy (2000) describe. Its annual report reveals its financial soundness, and it is gratifying to see that UCLA Healthcare has chosen to be highly conservative in the manner in which it reports financial results. ...

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