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This 7 page paper contends that as shocking as the mention of homosexuality was in the 1950s when this novel was written, this novel is as much about the power relations that structure class as it is about sexuality. Bibliography lists four sources.

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listed below. Citation styles constantly change, and these examples may not contain the most recent updates. Power as a Theme in Highsmiths The Talented Mr. Ripley Research Compiled by 10/2010 Please 1458 Patricia Highsmiths novel "The Talented Mr. Ripley" is the story of Tom Ripley, a young man whose looks can be very deceiving. Ripley has an air of confidence about him but inside he is a lonely and destitute man. He is skilled, however, in making anyone believe what he wants them to believe. His one real talent is mathematics but he has been unable to make any sort of legitimate profit from it. Instead of finding legitimate work Ripley depends on the good graces of an aged aunt. He has turned to fraud as a means of additional sustenance. The beginning of the novel finds him impersonating an IRS agent and collecting "taxes" from his unsuspecting victims. Soon, however, he will turn his attention towards considerably more concerning pursuits. At the beginning of the novel Ripley is just a petty criminal who is imagining the hot breath of the law down his collar. As it turns out, the man that is apparently following him is shipyard owner Herbert Greenleaf, the wealthy but worried father of Henry Greenleaf. Henry Greenleaf is the same age as Ripley but, like Ripley, he certainly isnt living up to his full potential. Instead of shouldering his responsibility to his parents and pursuing a career as a ship designer, a career which his ...

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