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The Role of the U.S. Constitution in Business Regulation

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This 4 page paper discusses the role the U.S. Constitution plays in regulating a business in Pennsylvania. It argues that the owners of a strip club have a protected First Amendment right to open the business of their choice. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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business. Discussion This has proven somewhat more difficult than it might appear, so it seemed logical to think, first, of the rights protected by the U.S. Constitution, and then apply that to a business. The first thing that comes to mind is the right of free speech, guaranteed by the First Amendment. And that led immediately to the Enron collapse, and the fact that it was a "whistleblower," accountant Sherron Watkins, who broke the news. Using her right of free speech, she brought the companys fraudulent accounting practices to light, with the result that the company collapsed. However, Enron is several years old, and we need something newer. A much smaller operation, but one which will no doubt be considered sensational by some, arose in February 2008, with regard to a strip club in Pennsylvania (Lester, 2008). Barnett Food Group is seeking a permit "to operate an adult entertainment business inside Coyotes Show Club on Route 663 near the Quakertown exit of the Pennsylvania Turnpikes Northeast Extension" (Lester, 2008). The club, where topless dancers perform, has been operating since December, 2007, without a permit for "adult entertainment use" and has fought off Milford Townships attempts to close it down, which the township has attempted to do via court action (Lester, 2008). Before it opened the club, Barnett "filed a civil rights lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia, alleging the township is violating its constitutional right to offer nude dancing" (Lester, 2008). The club is the third business to occupy the premises, and it is located in a zoning district "where adult entertainment is allowed as a conditional use that requires the approval of the township supervisors" (Lester, 2008). Barnett argues that the township vote is unconstitutional because it is a "prior restraint on First Amendment rights ... because ...

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