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The Power of Advertising

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A 14 page overview of the power of advertising. Concentrating on television and radio advertisements the author emphasizes the tendency of advertisers to target emotion, cultural affiliation, and even gender to persuade the audience to buy a product. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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it is an ever-present component of our contemporary world. The intent of advertising, in most cases at least, is to convince an individual to buy a product. That purchase, of course, can consist of either a monetary purchase or an ideological purchase. Never-the-less, many aspects of advertising are geared toward improving the buyers disposition toward a product so that they will buy that product. By some contentions contemporary advertising strategy is the reflection of a great cultural void which exists in the United States. While indeed such a void may exist, advertising is not a passive reflection of that void but rather an aggressive capitalist which seeks to persuade the mindless millions which live among us to buy their product. The product itself can take a variety of forms, from the latest toy to the most high tech gadget for your kitchen. One of the most effective selling points in the visual and verbal aspects of advertising is excitement. Television ads depicting the freedom and excitement that a new vehicle will buy are an excellent example of the contention presented above. These ads show how if you just buy Vehicle X you can have the excitement of the sea kayaker and the mountain climber immediately infiltrate your life. If you buy Vehicle Y you can escape the societal conventions that you find restraining. You can drive "outside the lines". Advertising, by all credits, is a tremendously creative and effective medium which can accomplish practically any goals if wielded by the right hands (Berger, 1999). Indeed, theory drives practice (Berger, 1999). In ...

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