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The Impact of E-Commerce on Small Businesses

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This 40 page report style paper looks at the attractions of e-commerce to a small business and argues that despite many pull factors, the advantages to most small businesses will be outweighed by the disadvantages. The paper outlines many different aspects of e-commerce and trading on the internet in order to formulate a strong picture, this includes the potential growth of the market, advantages such as cost reduction and reduction of barriers to trade, the market, the types of trade that are successful, the considerations such as setting up and the opportunity costs. The bibliography cites 32 sources

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be Targeted on The Internet; The Digital Divide 20 2.8 The Accessible Target Market,or So Who is on the Internet ......................................................................................................22 2.9 Disadvantages 25 2.9 The Different types of product on the Internet Homogenous and Heterogeneous; the implications for marketing 28 2.10 The Buyers Decision Making Process and Marketing on the Web 31 2.11 Setting up 36 3 Methodology 39 4 Data Report 41 5. Conclusions and recommendations 42 7. Bibliography 43 Books 43 Periodicals, Journals and Newspapers 44 Web Sites 45 1. Research Aim The aim of this paper is to look at the way in which e commerce may impact on the small businesses. There are many push and pull factors to undertake e-commerce and the advantages are often extolled in the business press. However, e-commerce is a relatively new field, very few specific models exist and as such this is still an unknown and untested field. The objective of this paper is to look at the different aspect of e-commerce that may impact on the decision to set up and the running of a small business on the internet, the advantages and the disadvantages. The Hypothesis of this paper is that although there are many attractions to a small business, with ideas such as the breaking down of barriers to trade and the growing amount of trade, but that for most small businesses the disadvantages and problems will outweigh the benefits and potential advantages. This is theorised as due to their lack of specialist knowledge, inability to gain economies of scale and the overall difficulty of setting up and maintaining a profitable operation and the importance of effective marketing. The only exception maybe the niche market, where there is a narrower audience and less competition. To consider this with a balanced approach there are several questions that will need to be answered. The first is to ...

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