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The Impact of E-Commerce on Small Businesses

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This 7 page paper considers how the advent of e-commerce will effect small businesses. The writer looks at the management choices, the distribution channels and the procurement of technology and the value chain. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

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offering opportunities that will give them an ability or an advantage over larger companies that usually change and develop more slowly. When we consider the impact of e-commerce in the UK we can argue that this is both an opportunity and threat to any small company. They may see an opportunity to operate in a virtual environment and be able to compete with fewer barriers that a small or developing size may impose, however, they will also encounter higher levels of competition and greater potential problems as a result of the different trading conditions. We can argue that the company of Watford Electronics fits into this category. The growth of e commerce has changed the way many companies do business. Where companies were limited geographically these barriers of physical location have been removed, now companies may go national with only a single warehouse, as was the case with Amazon when they first started, or go international with only a small, if any presence in a country. Therefore, our small company may decide to attempt to sell not only nationally, but also internationally. Before the internet the company we are considering sold the majority of its products locally and regionally in the Watford and Luton are. There was some mail order activity, but this was mostly gained from specialist magazine sales, and did not make up a large proportion of their sales. Additionally the Internet may be used not as a selling medium directly, but as a publicity medium as seen by the use of the web by car manufacturers. Small companies may also use it in this way, reaching a wide audience, for example a small technology company by the name of Watford Electronics ...

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